Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seems about time to write another post..

Yep.. That time of year again.

Time for me to revisit this blog and indicate to those few people that still stop by that I am indeed still alive.. *waves*

Much has changed in my Real and Second lives..

While my appearances in Second Life have been far and few between.. my contact with those friends I made while exploring that pixelated paradise go on.. But instead of those conversations going on in "real-time"in Second life they go on in a mostly time-shifted way using Facebook.. (Feel free to friend to me there or "like" my fanpage)

It's definitely worthwhile to remember that the two most valuable possessions in your life are "your time" and "your friendships" never take either for granted.

And on the Real side:

I'm aggressively single in real life these days.. That means I'm testing all kinds of waters.. Learning what I'm interested in and what makes for a durable friendship.. (Read into that what you will.. I'm sure you can imagine more interesting things than I can actually conjure up.) My posts about relationships seem ever more interesting on reflection these days.. If I followed my own advice where would I be?

The career front is ever shifting as well.. If you own a company somewhere (either in SL or RL) feel free to contact me (through facebook) and see if we can help each other out.. I'm a marketing guy that wants to help people transform themselves into the best they can be.. and enjoy what I do sometimes too much. (I consult at a fraction of my usual fee if I feel the opportunity to do good is great enough.)

Aside from relationship stuff I've been exploring what it means to define oneself and relate more authentically to others individually and society in general.. To that end I went to Burning Man this year and poked around.. And had a blast! Not sure if I'll ever do it again though.. A lot of work. (Wanna see what Burning Man is about? google it.)

That pretty much wraps it up.

And now it's time for this cowboy to bounce!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I so rarely post anything here these days..

Last posting was in November 2011. And it wasn't much.

"Blogging" hasn't been as interesting to me as posting quips and comments of facebook has become. I get to exercise my brain more briefly. (Hopefully that proves to be less boring for people.)

I also can easily repost things from other places. So its a bit more utilitarian for me. (and I can do it all from my phone! Making it way easy!)

Feel free to befriend me on Facebook to get more of me (or like my page on Facebook to get a slice of stuff from around the web)

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

um.. "Hi"

Havn't posted in quite a while. I see quite a few people still read (guess you're reading the old stuff) for the most part I'm posting to the facebook fan page "Jordyn JC Carnell" now. Have the tumbler semi-adult blog feeding into that too. So if your on FB that's the page to "like".

I'll probably keep writing things here from time to time (this blog feeds into my personal FB wall.. so If you're a FB friend you're probably reading it there)

ANNNYY WAYY.. so.. next time I'll write something more. (Have had a lot of changes go on in my RL)

Take care.


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pixel barbies or pixel drag?

I was listening to NPR in the car the other day (It's one of the stations I listen to when I don't like the song on C89, or they are playing a commercial on KNBQ)

Anyway, as I was saying.. I was listening to NPR the other day and heard part of a story about POP music stars that perform in outrageous costumes. And It stuck me. A lot of Second Life players are doing just that: performing in drag. Only our drag is pixelated.

Think about it.

Transcript / Recording:

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Was "our song"..

Hopefully.. in the future.. this will only bring up good memories and not pain.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

More "G" rated porn..

Tumblr porn blogs are something else! (It's only because this cross posts to facebook that I'm not using the 'R' rated pics)

For those of you that want to see more.. Visit Tumblr.com

Here's a good place to start: CalmAndSexy

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