Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More fun..

(You've probably noticed.. I call pretty much everything fun)

Got the chance to spend a few hours in-world last night (Monday), that was fun. Sorry I didn't say "hi" to anyone. I'm still working at capturing video of Tidra for a little project. It's truly an amazing build. I have another nights worth of capturing and I think I'll have enough to start the editing process. (Franz has already created some videos .. so what I do will probably seem redundant.. but I want to do it anyway.)

I've been playing with adobe photoshop, premiere, and after effects and learning all kinds of interesting things about what these programs can do. It's been interesting to learn how I have barely been using these tools so far. The results are showing up in my Calendar Project.. and will be in my Tidra video.

Speaking of Photoshop.. my "Mr. October" is finished and ready to post on Sept. 17th.

I've been doing more social networking stuff in RL. Haven't been using my RL Facebook account much.. probably should. Linkedin has been fun tho.. it's allowing me to "go global" in the forums. I've already developed fans in India and Australia. Though it's here in Seattle that i really need the connections. Participating in the Linkedin forums has also pointed out to me that I need to re-orient my RL blogs subject matter.. to get more serious about what I (may) know something about. I've been shocked at what some people think is 1. the right way to treat other people. 2. what some people think is the correct answer to a professional question.

The face-to-face networking has been a little more difficult. most of the time it seems forced and artificial to me.. I'm at my best when I'm not trying to present "me" but just trying to learn about other people and their situations. Plus it really sucks up time. However, in retrospect, I think every bit of work I've ever gotten has been people seeking me out based on one of those kind of conversations. Or them referring me to someone based on liking me.. again, based on one of those kind of conversations. So it seems, I need to have more of those kind of conversations regardless of how much time they take up.

Going with the career coach has been useful, I have a much better presentation of who I am now than I did before. Sill concerned I may be presenting myself as more experienced than I should. But that might be the "imposter syndrome".

Don't know what more else to say. This is a 15 min post written at 1:40am after a 2 hr "try to take a nap but couldn't sleep". I'll give it another shot now....

Miss you all, and I still read everyone's blogs when I get a chance.


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Quagmire said...

Interesting post JC. Keep your confidence going! In this world and economy you need every ounce of it. Have you ever heard of "Fake it till you make it". I am thinking good thoughts of you and best wishes on your endeavors. Hang in there. And how bout that, "Mad Men" got best drama Emmy.

Jordyn Carnell said...

Thanks Q.. Just thought every now and then I'd post "updates" of how things are going in RL. Especially since I'm not inworld to talk to anyone.

Colbert and MadMen FTW!

Franziskus said...

Heeeeeey, my cowboy! I'm sooooo curious about the upcoming video!!!

And RL?!? bääääääh! There's no RL, there's only AFK! And you're AFK way tooooo long! Miss ya!

Jordyn Carnell said...

I think I'll be in tonight to finish up shooting. Then I can story board and begin the rough cuts. Not sure when it will all be complete. Hopefully soon.