Friday, September 19, 2008

How to make love to an avatar

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Actions, thoughts, feelings, the environment, and words. The essence of human interaction. xCite and poseballs are kinda limited to throwing a picture on your screen.. but with words I can throw a picture up in your head. An intimate, and more powerful picture than any game client can produce..

Emotes are powerful. They may be in third person and awkward to get used to at first, but the pictures they can create blows away anything you can see on screen. Use them to create a sense of the environment.

For example the following demonstrates painting the picture of the environment AND describes some action:

/me hears the bass of the music thumping in his ears as he takes you by the hand and draws you across the dance floor.. through the clumps of gyrating dancers.. off into a dark corner of the club..

Describing feelings:

/me feels secure and comforted in your embrace..

Describing more action (lots of it):

/me grabs you by the belt.. pulls you over to him.. reaches out for your cheeks.. and cradling your face in his hands.. plants a deep kiss on your surprised lips..

Blending action and expression (words):

/me slides his left hand slowly down your back finally stopping when he is cupping your ass cheek.. and whispers quietly "wanna go somewhere else?"

Combining all of this play with mental imagery with another person is where it all gets fun. Putting together a couple lines and tossing control of the flow to the other person. Then responding to them and building on it. Creating a erotic and emotional work of power and intensity that simply can't exist inside a poseball.

As in making love in RL.. One can learn all kinds of things about people.. not just the superficial of what their kinks are.. One can learn how outwardly focused they are, how much they pay attention to what's going on around them, how secure they are and how vulnerable they are willing to allow themselves to be. How much they need to be in control, and how much they are willing to share that control.

And to think, some people push the xCite buttons, type "mmmmm" and "OMG!" and they're done..

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Rocky said...

Hey JC, I've been in SL for about 4 months now and have experienced the mmmm and OMG sex. There is a definitely a difference between "having sex" and "making love" Thanks for reminding us of the distinction and how actually hot "making love" can be if we allow more interplay and description to our imagination. Hugs.

Quagmire said...

Finally, someone gets it! Makes a great link to one of my own blog entrie ;)
/me loves you JC and am focusing that outward to you and oh what I could emote to a certain cowboy if I got him alone, or wow with a certain Tiger, all 3some like! That would be amazing like something out of this SL! Do cowboys blush?

Jordyn Carnell said...

/me bites his lip.. smiles at you slyly.. and blushes

Franziskus said...

Nice entry, shmexie cowboy, but sometimes I can only type "klhjldsjflö" when I'm done...