Monday, May 12, 2008

May Bday/Rezday Event!

MAY's Bday/Rezday Party will be on May 30th (last Friday of the month) and run from 5-9 SLT at Picasso's, run by Bones Writer <---- Click here! (BTW, Bones has some WAY COOL stuff in his mall, check it out, you never seen such stuff)

Scheduled DJ: Buddy Runningbear! If you haven't heard him.. you gotta! (he plays regularly at Club Zeus)

Donations received by event Djs are a great encouragement to participate in these events, so please tip generously.. And donations received by me get rolled into the promotion and expenses for the next months event.. hopefully allowing us to expand it.. so, it's kinda charitable.. but not really.. give what you can!

Oh, and I plan to do these EVERY MONTH!

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